This section lists resources related to the recruitment and management of volunteers.

  • Best of All: The Quick Reference Guide To Effective Volunteer Involvement – book by Linda Graff (2005), sold at Energ!ze Inc.
  • By Definition: Policies for Volunteer Programs – book by Linda Graff (2nd ed.; 2003), sold at Energ!ze Inc.
  • Doing Good Together – resources for family volunteering programs
  • Energ!zeinc – excellent website for volunteer managers
  • Family Volunteering: The Final Report – Volunteer Canada; describes the tools necessary to implement family volunteering programs and mentions examples of such programs (pp. 12-14)
  • Free Management Library
  • From the Top Down – The Executive Role in Successful Volunteer Involvement – book by Susan Ellis
  • Leading the Way to Successful Volunteer Involvement: Practical Tools for Busy Executives – book by Betty Stallings, sold at Energ!ze Inc.
  • Making it Happen! A Guide for Small Organizations on How to Involve Student Volunteers – Volunteer England (16 p.)
  • Portail – helps organizations that use volunteers to create strong, varied and alive communities by facilitating communication, networking and information sharing
  • Student Volunteer Tools – VolunteerMatch; tool that allows to create a website listing volunteering opportunities for campus students
  • The (Help!) I-Don't-Have-Enough-Time Guide to Volunteer Management – book by Katherine Noyes Campbell and Susan Ellis (2004), sold at Energ!ze Inc.
  • Virtual Volunteering Resources – article by ServiceLeader
  • Volunteer Management – An Essential Guide – book by Joy Nobles, Louise Rogers and Andy Fryar (2nd ed.; 2003), sold at Energ!ze Inc.
  • Volunteer Management: Mobilizing all the resources of the community – book by Steve McCurley and Rick Lynch (3nd ed.; 454 p.), sold at Energ!ze Inc.
  • Volunteer Resource Management: What is it and How is it Done? – article of ServiceLeader; excellent articles under the same link: Engaging the Community; Exploring and Preparing for Community Involvement; Recruiting Volunteers and Connecting to Opportunities; Placing, Supporting and Supervising Volunteers; Recognizing Volunteers; Assessing the Program
  • Volunteer Spot – free online forms and schedules for volunteering (for teachers and parents)

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