Distance Volunteering

This section lists resources related to distance volunteering.

Distance volunteering (or virtual volunteering, e-volunteering, online volunteering) helps either an organization in your own country or an organization abroad. Many tasks can be performed from a distance, for example: administrative tasks; office tasks; board member; computer support; technical support; computer programming; fundraising; drafting of tender proposals, media releases, newspaper articles; research; translation; interpretation; online conversations; prayer; public relations; web design; graphic design; database design; advice related to law, business, health, agriculture and other fields; counseling; tutoring or mentoring; guiding online discussion groups; song writing;  podcast creation; video editing; news surveillance; management of distance volunteers.



  • All for Good – type "virtual" in the search box
  • Christian Volunteering.org
  • Haces Falta (ES) – focus on Mexico
  • Hacesfalta (ES) – focus on Spain
  • Idealist.org – in the category "Country", choose "Virtual"
  • Nabuur.com – 33,000+ neighbours, 280+ villages, 15+ groups, 4,000+ ways that you can help; online volunteering platform that links "neighbours" (distance volunteers) with "villages" (local communities) in Africa, Asia and Latin America
  • United Nations Volunteers – United Nations online volunteering program that connects volunteers with organizations involved in sustainable human development
  • Volunteer Match – click on "Search for Virtual Opportunities"