This section lists resources that contain compilations of volunteering opportunities in Canada.


  • CharityVillage – excellent; search by postal code, etc.
  • Craig’s List – excellent; after choosing the city, click on "Community", then on "Volunteers"
  • Get Involved
  • Go Abroad – 20+ projects in Canada
  • – includes all volunteering opportunities with the City of Ottawa
  • United Way – contains the contact information of each local office of United Way; these offices usually have a coordinator who has a list of community organizations in the region in question and who can make informal suggestions for a potential match between a person and an organization
  • Volunteer Canada – contains a list of volunteer centres in Canada; these centres help to match potential volunteers with volunteering opportunities offered by many charities in the region in question; these centres usually have, whether online or otherwise, a large database of opportunities and organizations
  • Young Canada Works – Canadian Heritage

Specific Regions

British Columbia






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