Cost Reduction

This section lists resources related to the reduction of volunteering costs.



  • Consult an accountant or another tax specialist in your country to find out if the expenses incurred by a volunteer on behalf of a registered charity qualify as donations and are therefore tax-deductible
  • International and Foreign Grant Makers – list of international grants
  • Trophée du Voyage humanitaire (FR) – 2 bursaries of 3,500 euros and plane tickets for humanitarian and responsible trip projects


Tax deductions

Federal - charity registered in Canada

Federal - charity abroad (not registered in Canada)

Provincial and territorial – charity registered in Canada

Provincial and territorial – charity abroad (not registered in Canada)

Governmental and private grants and donations

  • Annuaire des subventions au Québec (FR) – book (2010 ed.) that can be bought in hard copy format, CD or for online consultation; usually available in libraries in the province of Quebec; 1,800+ programs
  • Canadian Directory to Foundations & Corporations – directory for online consultation; requires a 2-year subscription of $650; usually available in libraries in Canada; sometimes called the Canadian Directory to Foundations & Grants
  • Canadian Subsidy Directory – book (2010 ed.) that can be bought in hard copy format or CD; covers all of Canada except Quebec; usually available in libraries in Canada; 3,000+ programs
  • List of programs funded by the Canadian International Development Agency – click on "Project Browser"

United States

Tax deductions