Changing the world, one volunteer at a time!

A to Z Volunteering is a website whose goal is to facilitate, by the compilation of relevant information, the participation of individuals interested in volunteering in their own country and abroad. The site also aims to direct volunteer managers towards information that could be useful to them. It is sponsored by the Davidson Foundation.

We realized that many people have the desire, the time and the money to volunteer but they do not or do very little – simply because they lack information (about project ideas, contact persons, logistics, etc.). Our desire is to help reduce this "informational" obstacle and therefore contribute to the recruitment of an army of volunteers who will change the world, each one of them according to their interests, their skills and in the places that interest them.

If you would like to suggest a key resource for the site, Contact Us. We do not promise that we will add it but we will definitely consider it.

If the site helps you one way or another in your journey, encourage us by telling us at Contact Us and by posting a comment on the Facebook page of A to Z Volunteering. It will be our reward for the many hours invested in this project!


Karine, for the team