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Here are a few general remarks to help you understand the site content.

Our goal is to point you towards the few resources that, to our knowledge, are "key" in each area and therefore provide you with useful hints to help you get started with your research. We do not try to provide an exhaustive list of all existing resources.

We are Canadians so even though we tried to find resources from different countries, some sections of the site list primarily Canadian resources (but which can inspire you to search for the equivalent in your own country).

We are not responsible for the content of the sites towards which our site points. We do not personally know all of the organizations mentioned and therefore do not guarantee whatsoever their reliability.

The comments that follow certain links are aimed at helping the reader in a very informal way and are not at all systematic. In other words, there can be very good sites or very good organizations that are not followed by a comment.

Each linguistic version of the site contains all of the resources that we find helpful in English, French and Spanish. Since they constitute the majority of resources, English resources are not followed by a linguistic mention. French resources are followed by the mention (FR). Spanish resources are followed by the mention (ES).

The site is in constant evolution – come back often for the latest updates!